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Many internet users across the globe lose total control of their accounts as a result of hackers. It is very important for any level of internet users to make sure all of their online activities are as secure as possible. A person that uses the same password for multiple accounts is in great danger, and the reason for this lies in the fact that hackers compromise passwords all the time that are used to secure sensitive information for various internet users. If this password is hacked a hacker can gain access to all of the accounts that person uses, and take over their financial information as well which can have devastating results. There is an advanced type of security feature that has been released for Google accounts that allows for an extra layer when it comes to password protection.

It is called 2-step verification, and it allows Google account users to obtain an added level of protection for their sensitive information. It basically puts an extra step in the process in the even a hacker compromises a user's standard password so it makes it much harder if not impossible for them to gain access to person information. The 2-step verification process requires a total of two independent types of authentication. This is the extremely secure type of verification that bank websites use to keep bank accounts safe. An example is a regular password a user defines, followed by the requirement of a code that is sent to the user's phone.

The 2-step verification should be set up with care, and will take around fifteen minutes for a user to upgrade and enroll in this new protection. There is also the ability to set up backup phones, and also backup codes in the event the user for some reason loses access to their primary phone. After this 2-step verification has been enabled, when a user enters their password a page will pop up asking for a code. Google will then send a SMS type of text message, call with the code, or give the user a choice for them to generate this code by themselves using a type of mobile application found on an BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone type of device. Every time this code is entered in after the password it allows Google to know that it is really the original owner of the account.

It may seem inconvenient for some people, but this small effort will substantially increase the security of a user's Google account. It uses the combination of something only the owner should have which are their phone, and a username and password. A hacker would need to gain access to a user's phone, and their password to gain access to their Google account. There is also the option to remember the code for 30 days, and this will allow a user to not have to re-enter any codes for 30 days. Users also have an extra option to set up one-time types of application specific passwords that they can use to sign into an account from a non-browser based application designed specifically to only ask for a password. Then the code will not be prompted for, and this is an easier option for some Google account users.


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